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Products, services or contents available to you, through the 2001 Team Networking Resources, are generated by many brands.
Each one of those brands are specialized, qualified and pretty often leaders in the market niches they dedicate themselves to.

GL aims at highlighting their useful advantages and eventually making it easier for you to experience high levels of professional performances.
This will aplly independent from how far the subjects of those highly specialized brands are from each other, or the targets of the activities aimed at differ from each other as well.
This will aplly independent form how far the sciences, the knowledge, the culture, the results typical of the back-ground of such brands are, as well as those of the customers being served by GL.

Today each of the brands attending the 2001 Team Networking Resource, entered this contest after the acceptance of a specific careful invitation, dedicated and performed by 21t.
A brand may continue to participate the 2001 Team Networking resources mainly because of the high level of satisfaction declared by their buyers/uesers and/or the quality/cost ratio, and or due to the proof of years of continued, positive experience and performance within 21t.

released the agency of the following brands:

Business Solutions:


Milan Italy EU

WAPERK Solutions research and develop unique kiosk and self-service conference and tradeshow next menhir boomerang that swallow, delivering more business appeal to your prospects.

A brand specialized in fashion and bijoux development, the limit of creations is the imagination.   Ecology, Agriculture, Environment,
Health Sciences around us and after

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Marketplace Solutions:


M@15 Marignano 1515
You don't need to make it too complex: it is your down town place or the farmland village you live in, their surroundings in real terms and in digital terms.All available to serve you as you prefer, when you prefer as long as you like them. We called these WeBorgo, EaWeb and M15-MARIGNANO1515 is their extended marketplace registered brand.


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