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extended studios I- partners

Extended studioS means that, in order to be efficient and powerful enough, to fulfil the needs of the customers, GL decided to out-source to the best available specialists in each branch of knowledge and sciences, the area of the projects deserving such special high-tech & high-touch approaches.

As a result of this GL developed specific business, trade and partnership agreements with other studios, brands & consultants in Italy and abroad.

GL directly supported the development inside, of those specialisations which, the moment they were needed, they actually were not easily, reliable or affordable on the market.

You may find GL
highly specialized supports, according to the following areas of interest:
* extended marketing analyses, with R&D of solutions
* time performance analyses, with R&D of solutions
* added value analyses, with R&D of solutions
* female impact on society, trade and business
* individual emotions hunting: do it with the next approach!
* extend your reach to solutions by means of L&A Extended StudioS
* boost your business by adding new biz-appeal

Special programs
GL have several lines of non conventional solution readily available, which are the reasult of the diversified lines of trade and business they have been involved in for so many years.

Kindly write or tell us more about your special requirements and needs, and a solution by GL will be on its way soon.


The partners



Milan Italy EU

Time efficency
L&A consider TIME the most important resource of human beings: its limited and never defined.
As a result, L&A developed special skills in order to R&D usefull solutions for those Trade & Business who really deserve to relentlessly improve their performances, respecting of both nature and digital musts.
Human behaviour and digital achievements sciences are permanently providing new ideas and solutions suitable to enhance those Trade & Business who are open to the process of relentless improvement to stay competitive enough in the next market environments.


  Delivery quality control for property and retail companies
Welcome to the only market specific consultancy specialising in accuracy auditing and procurement of people and vehicle counting systems
Market specific regional indices called: Haldax Enigma
Monthly UK top ten supplier index
High quality management service for existing and proposed systems
Guaranteed confidentiality

She is in charge
She is the prime human being in volume terms.
She is the prime human being in total spending capacity terms at daily cash-flow levels.
She is the prime mover in the social life & cultural environments, anywhere she is available.
Trade & Business consider that she will soon be available wherever she is still missing for some reason at the moment.
If you didn't realize, marketers are approaching "he" worlds with a "she" approach, in order to make them more profitable.
Why has she become best target for the total attention of Trade & Business?
Well, simply ask L&A for more details about how this will affect even your
Trade & Business next ROI ratios.
It is very simple and yet extremly efficent!

Just have a look at this and any Trade & Business will understand why "she" is more creative and capable of emotions, for her and for you!

go to Marietoile.eu website

Mobile value tracking
is going to be one of the most important and yet quite complex exercises anybody involved into social sciences and economy sciences will enjoy and invest time and money in.
Gaining control in this area of R&D, is becoming more and more critical for any Trade & Business, in order to remain profitable, through the year, in the relentlessly changing world we live in.
Trade & Business have never asked anything to anybody, as long as they were feeling fit and profitable.
From time to time something happens and they rush to buy the next solutions, independent of how much they cost or how useful they actually are in their situation of need.
We suggests that outsourcing the best support value provider with L&A would keep any Trade & Business on their tracks in a much cheaper and steadier way, for the long run.
If you consider to add a new member on the Board of your Trade & Business, then do it with one of L&A Project Leaders.
Soon you will realize that this was the contribution your Trade & Business were actually missing: nothing else!

Go to MVT website


Silvano Foschini Photography
a visual poet, with the experience that only 4 decades of professional work can give you


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