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Near the begining, we were very focused at researching how the next digital advantage available might be implemented, into a customer’s daily business process, in order to improve their performances or, to make their operations simpler.

At the time, the day my youngest son Francesco asked me, which was the name of my job (his friends, he told me, were asking him about this, in particular while he was in Eire, learning English and he failed to reply!) actually I felt a bit uncomfortable, since I realised that it took me several sentences & concepts & more, before I reach to a rough point, about it and... I read in his eyes that he felt as if I was... playing him around.

Later on, soon after some of our most appealing digital & ICT projects turned into actual value adding facts, for the sake of several most different business applications, I remember someone calling at us, almost joking, as “the team of the solution providers”.

I can tell you that, from a certain point of view, I was worried a about this kind of “nick-name” we were suddenly appointed free of charge since, apparently, it was setting in the dark of shadows, “the digital plus” we were used and actually specialized in introducing into all of our jobs, delivered to customers.
But, on the other hand, this nick-name was also blowing-up the real thing, in our approach: help the customer to achieve the next solution he deserves.

As a result of this yes, you may simply call on us, as soon as you feel ready to take advantage of us and access your next business improvement solution.
We are the provider team.

The banner besides this text, may bring you, directly to some of our “21t-2001 TEAM Networking Resources”, latest business achivements.

The rest of this website may help you around the various subjects, we are currently involved into, due to the learning power of our R&D teams, or our trade & business expertises, or our information & training know-how, or the simple advantage that our teams are ready to serve your needs as far as up to 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Thank you for you time and attention!


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